How to reference your work at SACS

When to reference

When the work of another person (be it written; visual – painting, print or image; film; in audio format or from the Web) is used in an assessment task, students must acknowledge the sources of the work, in the text of their task and in a Reference List at the end of the task.

Reference List or Bibliography?

  • A reference list - required when following the APA style guide, is a list of only the works cited in the text of a task.
  • A bibliography - required when you footnote, is a list of all the works used to write the task, that is, both works cited in the text of the task and works consulted to complete the task.

SACS Library Referencing Style Guide - APA Guidelines

The SACS Library Style Guide provides examples of ‘in text’ referencing and the formatting of the Reference List according to the APA Style Guide (6th edition).

The examples in the style guide cover many types and formats of resources. Students are advised to seek assistance if an example of a resource type or format is not included.

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