Subject Resources for Stage 2

Year 3:

​Stage 2 History: Community and Remembrance

Stage 2 Science: Feathers, Fur and Fins (Living World)

Year 4:

​Stage 2 History: First contact

Year 4 Mr Finemore

Stage 2:

Stage 2 English: Authors and Illustrators in the house (scroll to Authors, Illustrators and Text)

Stage 2 Geography: The Earth’s Environment

Stage 2 Geography: Places are similar and different

Stage 2 History: ANZAC Day (see also All stages - general resources)

Stage 2 Science: Movement

Stage 2 Science: Package it better

​Stage 2 Science: Simple machines

​Stage 2 Science: Earth and space (day and night)

Stage 2 Gawura:

Stage 2 Gawura - Perspectives units




Sustainable living Pearltrees page

Songlines Pearltrees page

Seasons, Food and Weather

Tools, Toys and Technology

Stage 2 Gawura - Interdisciplinary project

SACS Library Clubs

SACS Library Clubs

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