Jacqueline Harvey visits Junior School

By Tara Ball on

Jacqueline Harvey delighted all of Junior School and Gawura with her stories on Monday. She is amongst the top four most bought authors in Australia and writes the very popular Clementine Rose and Alice-Miranda books. She had us laughing and cringing at tales of her fears about dogs and the boy who had a crush on her at school.

She shared stories of her childhood and told us all the importance of storytelling in our everyday lives. Not only is it good practice for our futures as potential authors but helps us share our lives in interesting and meaningful ways with others.

Jacqueline spent time signing copies of her books and even stickers for those who had forgotten theirs at home. She stayed back afterwards to talk with the students who were to participate in the “Write a book in a day” event the following day to give them tips about writing good stories and to answer their questions.

Thank you everyone for making the event a success and welcoming Jacqueline so warmly.

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