Book Week 2017: Escape to Everywhere

The Book Week 2017 Theme was “Escape to Everywhere” and held from 18 - 25 August 2017.

Students at the Book Week 2017 Parade
Students and staff at the Book Week 2017 Parade

We started with a visit from shortlisted illustrator Liz Anelli. She bravely treated us to workshops where all our students got to have a go at creating an illustration just like Liz does in her books.
Infants and Stage 2 used her printed inspiration sheet and stamps and ink pads to create creatures born from their imaginations. We had lots of fun with paper, ink, scissors and glue. Stage 3 had sticky fun making monoprints with ink and rollers. Thank you to all the teachers for lending a hand to ensure the workshops were a success.

Liz left us with the creations she made during the workshops and we’ll have them framed and displayed in the library for all to see soon. She also loved our space and all the effort our students went to prepare for her arrival. She took great delight in seeing our students’ own “One photos” and “Escape to Everywhere” book week title inspired by her own illustrations. Having
her visit was a wonderful beginning to what shaped up to be a very creative week.

We also spent the week escaping the library and school by building forts and cubbies. Infants and Stage 2 stuck to the picture book area with cardboard boxes and blankets and really enjoyed creating a personal space. 43 Stage 3 students took over the library and enjoyed using everything from beanbags, tables and stools, chairs, cardboard boxes and blankets to turn
the entire library into a tent city in their 20 mins in the library. The hive of cooperative activity was fantastic to behold and while they were disappointed to have to dismantle their beloved escapes they tidied up in record time and even left the library tidier than when they arrived.

The book week parade which rounded off our Book Parade on Friday.

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