SACS Referencing Style Guide

The SACS Referencing Style Guide provides examples of ‘in text’ referencing and the formatting of the Reference List according to the APA Style Guide (6th edition).

The examples in the style guide cover many types and formats of resources. Students are advised to seek assistance if an example of a resource type or format is not included.

Some basic points to remember when ‘in text’ referencing

  • APA ‘in text’ referencing is ‘author-date’ – e.g. (Pugsley 2004, p. 301) or Koechlin & Zwaan (2014, p. 53) suggests that …;
  • when quoting directly (using the author’s exact words) a page number must be included (see example above);
  • if no author is available then the ‘in text’ reference is the title of the work and date – e.g. Outer Space (2010, p. 10) …;

Some basic points to remember when constructing the Reference List

A reference list is the APA term for a list of cited works

  • is at the end of a task – beginning on a new page;
  • includes only the works cited in a task (that is – only those used and have an author-date or title–date ‘in text’ reference in a task);
  • is in alphabetical order according to author (surname) or title if no author;
  • the hyperlink (or underlining) in a web address is removed;
  • there is no full stop at the end of the URL
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