Resources for Students in Year 11 & 12 HSC


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Biological Sciences

ActionBioscience: Covers the following topics: biodiversity, environment, genomics, biotechnology, evolution and science polity

Sciencealert: Australia’s biggest science website featuring latest discoveries in tech, health, environment, space, biology, physics, nature

AIMS: Australia’s tropical marine research agency. Conducts research into tropical marine environments and their living aquatic resources

Atlas of Living Australia: All known species in Australia aggregated from a wide range of data providers including museums, herbaria, community groups, government departments and universities

Department of Environment: including Biodiversity, Sustainable communities, Water, Environment protection, National Parks

OzCoasts: provides information about Australia’s coast, estuaries and climate change impact

Biodiversity heritage library: works collaboratively with the global biodiversity community

Springerlink: provides links to Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences, Physics and Environment articles

Biotechnology online: Secondary school resources for biotechnology

Ecosystems Services: from Department of Agriculture website

Gene Technology: from CSIRO.

Genetic science learning centre

Genetics home reference: consumer friendly genetics information

Moreton Bay Marine Park: Queensland government site

United Nations environment programme: world conservation monitoring centre.

English - Discovery texts

HSC Discovery Related Texts
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Short Stories & Short Films

SACS Clubs

SACS Clubs

St Andrew's Cathedral School runs a variety of clubs for students.

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