Subject Resources for Stage 1

Year 1:

Stage 1 Geography: Features of Places (Wet and Dry Environments)

Stage 1 Geography and Science: Weather and seasons

Stage 1 History: Present and Past Family Life

Stage 1 Science: Look! Listen! (Physical World)

Stage 1 Science: Transport

stage 1 Science: Growing and changing (Living world)

Year 2:

Stage 1 Geography: People and places

Stage 1 History: The Past in the Present

Stage 1 Science: Spot the difference (Material world)

Year 2: Research skills

Family Trees Pearltrees Page

Stage 1:

Stage 1 English: Text types and writing stories

Stage 1 English: Informative texts

Stage 1 English: Julia Donaldson

Stage 1 Geography: Australia’s Natural Landmarks

Stage 1 Geography: Shelter

Stage 1 Geography/Science: Seasons & Weather

Stage 1 Science: Minibeasts

Stage 1 Science: Seasons

Infants Gawura:

Infants Gawura - Perspectives units




Connections to land

Aboriginal and TSI Art


Gweagal People / D’harawal Language group

SACS Clubs

SACS Clubs

St Andrew's Cathedral School runs a variety of clubs for students.

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